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SPS Scientific supplies instruments, equipment and consumables for use in

  • Biological laboratories
  • Industrial laboratories
  • Analytical laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Construction, Civil, Pave and Roads laboratories
  • Coal laboratories
  • General laboratories
  • Vibration and environmental testing equipment

 The company is sole agent for industry-leading brands:


Material Testing Solutions, Upgrading Systems

World leaders in Electron Optics

Optical Emission Spectrometers, Elemental Analyzers, Handheld

Desktop SEM Imaging and Analysis

Metallurgical Sample Preparation Equipment and Consumables

Metallurgical Consumables

Surface and Dimensional Analysis



 Global leader in the design and 

manufacture of instrumentation 



Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell Hardness Testers


Thermal Analysis and Thermo Physical Properties Measurement

Metal Hardness Testers

Charpy & Izod Sample Preparation Equipment

Material Testing Equipment


Particle Size Measurements Solutions 





Testing equipment for Concrete, Aggregates,

Asphalt/bitminous mixture, Bitumen ,Cement,

General Lab, Rock mechanics, Soil, Soil mechanics

Advanced Testing of Pavement Materials

Advanced Soil Mechanics Testing Systems


 Electric/Electromagnetic Testing Equipment



 Plastic and Packaging Material Testing



 Digital Image Correlation Systems


 Microwave and Manual Digestion, AA-ICP-MS-OES-XRF Supplies,

Standards, Chemistry Analysers

Brinell, Rockwell Hardness Testers and Microscopes






Coal Analysers

Gloveboxes, Clean Environment and Coating


The researcher's choice for advanced asphalt testing equipment


Vibration and Environmental Testing Equipment

State of the Art Vibration and Shock Controllers


High Quality, Low Cost Consumables and

Standards for Analytical Analysers

Environmental Test Chambers  


Vaccum Deposition and Sublimation Equipment