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Sources and Components


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Sources and Components

CreaPhys evaporation sources are engineered for research, pilot and production processes of organic electronic devices.


Compact design and ease of operation make them versatile tools for new or existing applications. Features include high cross uniformity and long-term rate stability.


Deposition sources

Organic Molecular Evaporators (DE-Series)

  • Single-Source DE-x

Multiple Organic Molecular Evaporators (DE-Series)

  • Multi-Source Organic Evaporators DE-[multi]-x
  • Mini Multi-Source Evaporator DE-[multi]-0.5

Boat-Type Metal Evaporators (MEB-Series)

  • Boat-Type Metal Evaporators MEB-x

Crucible-Type Metal Evaporators (ME-Series)

  • Crucible-Type Metal Evaporators ME-x

Evaporator Specials

  • Multi-Zone Organic Molecular Evaporator
  • Multi-Source Assemblies
  • Retractable Evaporator Tool

Accessories: Crucibles & Boats

  • Crucibles
  • Metal Boats BO-x
  • Linear Evaporation Sources

Linear Evaporation Sources


Process Components

  • Wobble-Stick
  • In-Vacuum Material Reservoir
  • Substrate Heater
  • High-Temperature Substrate Heater
  • Heating-Cooling Station
  • Automated Mask Station
  • Segmented Viewport Shutter


Source Shutters

  • Rotational Shutter
  • Flip Shutter


Customized Feedthroughs

  • High-Current Feedthrough
  • Thermocouple Feedthrough
  • Multi-Pin Current Feedthrough
  • Feedthrough for Rate Sensor

In-Vacuum Connectors

Special Equipment

  • Vacuum Transport Box

Linear Evaporation Sources

Sources and Components
Sources and Components
Sources and Components