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Multiple Module Calorimeter MMC


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Multiple Module Calorimeter MMC

The NETZSCH development team has created a totally new calorimeter system which can be used in commercial R&D, universities and research centers and QC/QA of various industries.


Like a DSC, the Multiple Module Calorimeter, MMC 274 Nexus®, measures chemical reactions and phase changes, but on gram-size samples.


This allows for organic/inorganic multiphase mixtures/slurries testing. Like an ARC, it can run adiabatic tests necessary for process safety. The Multiple Module Calorimeter, MMC 274 Nexus®, successfully creates the synergy of two wellproven methods, DSC and ARC .

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Various Modules in One Calorimeter
The MMC 274 Nexus® consists of two parts: the base unit with electronics and the exchangeable calorimeter module. This guarantees maximum flexibility.


Exchangeable calorimeter modules are available for different applications. The Accelerating Rate Calorimeter (ARC®) module can be used for standard process safety work. The External heater module can be employed for more sophisticated measurements.

Key Features and Advantages of MMC 274 Nexus®


  • Multiple testing modes in one instrument for wide application coverage

- Scanning mode (constant power, constant heating rate)

- Isothermal mode

- Adiabatic mode with Heat-Wait-Search for process safety tests

  • Exchangeable calorimeter modules in one table-top instrument

- ARC module for safety testing

- External sample heater module for scanning tests as with DSC

  • Wide temperature range up to 500°C
  • Wide pressure range up to 100 bar (10 MPa)
  • Various sample containers of different materials and volumes
  • Proteus® software for the evaluation of onset, peak, area, etc., which may be combined with other thermoanalytical data in one plot
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