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DMA 242 E Artemis

The Most Versatile DMA in the World
The new DMA 242 E Artemis combines ease of handling with the user-friendly Proteus® measurement and evaluation software. This makes it fast and easy to characterize the dynamic mechanical properties as a function of frequency, temperature and time.


Its modular design along with a wide variety of sample holders and cooling systems allow the DMA 242 E Artemis to handle a broad range of applications and samples. Various add-on options make it the ideal device for any laboratory and a safe investment for the long-term.


Hang-down design 
for easy accessibility, handling and changing of the different sample holders

Over 30 different sample holders 
for optimal adjustment of measurement conditions to material properties

Controlled gas flow (inert or oxidizing) 
with optimal heat transfer on samples for defined measurement conditions

Various cooling options. 
Two different cooling systems; liquid nitrogen-controlled cooling to -170°C and compressed-air cooling with vortex tube to cool to 0°C

Controlled force range up to 24 N 
(12 N static and 12 N dynamic) for measurements of very stiff samples. Increased resolution in the measuring range 4 N static and 4 N dynamic

A stepper motor with a 20-mm travel range 
allows for precise testing on materials which exhibit substantial changes in length during a DMA measurement. This is particularly important for the different static experiments available with the DMA 242 E Artemis; i.e., creep, relaxation and TMA mode.

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