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Sample Preparation for Spectroscopy


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Sample Preparation for Spectroscopy

Optical emission spectrometry (OES) and X-Ray fluorescence are most commonly used techniques for the analysis of metals and solid samples.
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Single/Dual Disc Surface Grinder 
for spectroscopic sample preparation of steels and irons, single disc or two separate independent discs for course and fine grinding possible on 350 mm dia., dynamically balanced, with 2.2 kW driving motor, with rotation speed of 2800 rpm or vith dual speeds 1400/2800 rpm., suction created by special design retaining the abrasive paper on the disk(no need to glue or fix), discs covered halfway by lids allowing grinding only on a segment, dedusting system with spark trap and easily replaceable filters, with interlocking safety switch not allowing the top cover being opened before the motors are stopped, ergonomically designed and ready for operation. (wooden packing included)


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