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Automatic Planar Grinding Machine
For initial planar grinding of metallographic specimens in specimen holders, bench top compact design, Fully automatic, with Siemens PLC control unit, Programmable with colored 7" HMI touch screen control, closed housing, max. safety provided with interlocking switch, large working space with LED lighting, automatic sample feeding with adjustable fine speed, controlled material removal with digital setting of grinding depth with accuracy of 0.01 mm, high torque 2,2 kW grinding motor, with 2800 rpm speed to obtain optimum surfaces on different materials, all parameters on colored LCD display, Sample cooling available with cooling fluid and/or compressed air. ready for operation, without clamping devices. Without clamping devices. Without cooling tank. 400V, 3-phase, 50Hz.


Includes a standard set of grinding consumables composed of:  

  • 1 pc. 150 mm. Dia. AL2O3 Cup Grinding Stone for ferrous materials 
  • 5 lt of METCOOL cooling fluid.


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