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Grinding and Polishing Systems


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Grinding and Polishing Systems

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Fully automatic programmable grinding and polishing system
Fast, precise and operator-free sample preparation for high volume sample throughput, with 4 stations (1 coarse grinding, 1 fine grinding and 2 polishing), Fully automatic sample cleaning station with water and ethanol, Hot air drying station with timer, Independent grinding & polishing stations with 1,5 HP powerful motor, Comp. or Contra rotational direction, Soft Start /Stop, Suitable for both 250 mm and 300 mm applications, Variable wheel speed ; 100 - 1200 rpm for coarse grinding, 50 - 600 rpm for fine grinding and polishing stations, programmable sample preparation with colored 10" HMI touch screen control with Siemens PLC control unit, Head movement automatically proceeding from one station to the other with servo driven motor, Z-axis material removal with depth control, central and/or individual force application, with variable specimen holder speed 50-150 rpm, 100 Watt DC motor, audible warning signal, with holding chuck,  Air supply tubes,. integrated Automatic Fluid Dispenser for each polishing station,  with 8 micro peristaltic pumps, allowing significant savings and perfect reproducibility.

(6 for diamond suspensions/lubricant and 2 for alumina suspensions), Complete and ready for operation. Without Specimen Holders.


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