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Programmable with Siemens PLC 7" HMI touch screen control unit, with automatic chop cutting and automatic table-feed cutting systems. Servocut 302 AA has various cutting methods, programmable with coloured LCD display of cutting parameters, accurate and motorized positioning of the specimen in X - Y and Z axis (X-axis for plane parallel cutting is optional), ergonomic joystick with adjustable speed control, integrated feed path control, power dependent adjustable feed rate, variable cutting force, pulse cutting mode, bar graph overload display, powerful 4 kW cutting motor, with variable cutting speed of 600-4000 rpm, with electronic brake system, cutting capacity up to 110/90 mm solid stock, with cut-off wheels of up to ø300/250mm, twin T-slotted table(Y-direction only) made of stainless steel, bottom part as rugged alloy base casting, extraordinary access for easy handling with sliding door and side openings, with extra advanced cutting methods.


"Rapid Pulse Cutting, Table Oscillation Cutting, Instafeed Cutting, Automatic Chop Cutting, Automatic Table Feed Cutting, Combined Cutting" Ready  for operation. Without clamping devices and recirculation cooling tank. Includes a standard set of cutting consumables composed of: 

  • An assortment of 20 cut-off wheels with 300 mm dia.

  • 5 lt of Metcool cooling fluid.

  • 400 V, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz.


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