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Aka Stick


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Aka Stick

Mono- and polycrystalline 9 µm to 0.25 µm

A stick is easier to apply than a paste, and can even be applied during the process. As with paste a stick is used most often to charge a polishing cloth before the initial use, thus saving time by shortcutting the normal cloth run-in time.


Akasel diamond stick is compatible with water, glycol and ethanol based lubricants. It contains less than 0.1 % water, and is therefore perfect for water-free preparation. A high diamond concentration of 250 ct/l insures high removal rates. Grain sizes 0.1 µm to 3 µm are therefore up to 50 % more concentrated than competing diamond sticks.

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Polycrystalline Diamond Stick for metallographic specimen preparation.


  • 100% Poly crystalline diamonds

  • Median (50%) 0.21 µm. Tolerance 0.18 - 0.24 µm

  • Upper limit (99%) 0.53 µm

  • Concentration 250 ct/l

More convinient way of dosing and pre-dosing diamonds than the traditional diamond paste.

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