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Diamond Products

Reproducible preparation

Many factors are involved when seeking short preparation times as well as reproducibility.


Uniform diamonds with uniform geometry

The decisive factor in achieving uniform particle size distribution is to use uniform, almost cubic-shaped diamonds. A single needle-shaped diamond can ruin a perfect preparation. Therefore, the objective is to minimise the presence of deviating geometry, such as needle-shaped crystals or flakes.


Narrow batch tolerance

Diamonds are graded into very narrow particle size intervals with a very narrow standard tolerance. Variances are minimised from batch to batch, which is evident in the documentation under specifications.


Controlled slurring

Small particles, diamonds included, have a tendency to agglomerate if the slurry process is not conducted correctly. We inspect the product all the way through manufacturing to ensure it meets our specifications.


Narrow particle size distribution

When using super abrasives like diamonds, it is important that particle size distribution has the most narrow deviation as possible. Large particles will be more abrasive and require longer preparation times in the subsequent step, and small particles will not provide the required material-removal rate, thereby prolonging the ongoing preparation step. We, therefore, use the most stringently graded diamond particles available. Modern sorting technology, combined with electronic and optical quality control, ensures highly reproducible preparation results.


High diamond concentration

All our diamond products have the same concentration regardless of the grain size. Grain sizes 0.1 µm to 3 µm are therefore up to 50 % more concentrated than competing diamond products.

Diamond Products
Diamond Products
Diamond Products Diamond Products