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For hot mounting some infiltration can be obtained by preheating the thermoplastic Aka-Resin, Acrylic and use long heating time. For cold mounting both Aka-Cure, Slow and Aka-Cure, Quick (cured in ambient curing mode) can be used for infiltration. Best results are obtained using a vacuum chamber for infiltration.
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Clear Acrylic Resin for Hot Mounting. Clear thermoplastic acrylic compound for clear embedding with low shrinkage.


  • Cure at 160°C - 180°C

  • 25 mm: 7.5 KN 3 min 

  • 30 mm: 10.5 KN 4 min 

  • 40 mm: 19 KN 5 min 

  • 50 mm: 30 KN 6 min

If not fully cured increase time.


If you experience a white cottenball the resin has picked up moisture. Dry resin in oven at 60°C for 2 hours.

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