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Cold Mounting


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Cold Mounting

Aka-Cure, Slow is a 8 - 24 h curing system with low shrinkage and perfect adhesion due to added adhesion promotor. Aka-Cure, Quick is a 30 min quick curing system curing by heating it in an oven at 80°C. It can also be cured in a 2 step procedure allowing curing of very large samples with-out any shrinkage. Aka-Crylic-2 is a quick curing low shrinking 2 component system. It cures in 8 minutes and has perfect edge retention due to its high amount of mineral fillers. Aka-Clear-2 is a quick curing 2 component system. It cures in 8 minutes and produces a totally clear mount even without the use of a pressure pot. All Resins come with cups and spoons for mixing.
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Transparent, low viscosity, low shrinkage epoxy resin. With added adhesion promoter for excellent adhesion.


See hardener for mixing ratio instructions. Keep above 10°C. If it has become cloudy, just reheat at 40°C to 60°C until it is clear again.


R/S Sentence(s): R43: May cause sensitization by skin contact.

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