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Rigid Discs

Aka-Allegran and Aka-Largan


Flat samples quick preparation

Aka-Allegran applies a unique system for material removal. Integrated diamond abrasive is released while applying abrasive in the form of diamond suspension or diamond spray to Aka-Allegran. The result is high removal, long life and perfect planeness.

  • High removal and planeness
  • Longer lifespan than normal rigid disc systems
  • Replaces more than 1000 pcs of grinding paper
  • Can be used on materials between 50 HV - 2000 HV
  • Tabs for easy removal from magnet


Aka-Allegran introduces one-step-grinding

Aka-Allegran replaces a number of grinding steps, typically P320 - P1200 with one single step. After being prepared on Aka-Allegran, the samples are ready for polishing. Preparation on Aka-Allegran typically can be limited to 3 - 5 min, and the samples only need to be plane grinded at P80 to P220, to be ready for Aka-Allegran. If the previous preparation step was Aka-Piatto the Aka-Allegran preparation can typically be reduced further in time, due to the high flatness generated by Aka-Piatto.


Product recommandation

Aka-Largan 9 is typically used from 50 HV to 400 HV

Aka-Allegran 1 is typically used from 150 HV to 2000 HV

Aka-Allegran 3 is typically used from 150 HV to 2000 HV

Aka-Allegran 9 is typically used from 450 HV to 2000 HV

Rigid Discs
Rigid Discs Rigid Discs