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Plane Grinding


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Plane Grinding

P80, P120 and P220 is recommended for plane grinding. P80 and P120 is generally recommended for plane grinding of samples in sample holders, and P220 is recommended for plane grinding individual samples. Tip for plane grinding of large samples. Plane grinding of very large samples with Piatto is not recommended because of the high forces needed. An alternative to the usual stone grinder is Aka-Allegran-9 with 15 µm DiaMaxx-M.
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Plane grinding of samples with a hardness of 150 HV - 1000 HV Aka-Piatto 80 and 120 are used for plane grinding of samples in sample holders where a large amount of material needs to be removed.


For plane grinding of ceramics and cermets Aka-Piatto+ is recommended. Aka-Piatto 220 is used for plane grinding of individual samples.

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