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Fine Grinding


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Fine Grinding

P600, P1200 and P2400 is used for fine grinding. It is normal to proceed directly to a 3 µm polishing step after fine grinding with Piatto. With medium hard to hard steels it is even possible to proceed directly to 1 µm after fine grinding with Piatto 2400. Because of the high diamond content these grit sizes tend to need frequent dressing to maintain their high removal rate.
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Fine grinding of samples with a hardness of 150 HV - 2000 HV Aka-Piatto 600 and 1200 are used for fine grinding, to remove the deformation created by a Aka-Piatto plane grinding step.


For fine grinding of ceramics and cermets Aka-Piatto+ is recommended. After Aka-Piatto 600 and 1200 the samples are ready for a 3 µm polishing step.

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