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Aka Piatto


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Aka Piatto

Alternative to grinding paper

Aka-Piatto is a series of diamond grinding discs in grit sizes P80 to P1200. Aka-Piatto plane and fine grinds all material harder than 150HV. Unique to Aka-Piatto is the color coded binder, the wear compensated design and the small flaps to ease pulling off the Piatto after use.

  • Replaces 200 to 300 pcs. of grinding paper
  • Grinds material with hardness higher than 150 Hv
  • Constant removal rate, and perfect planeness


Aka-Piatto+ is a high concentration version of Aka-Piatto. By doubling the diamond concentration a much smoother grinding action and longer life is obtained. The smoother grinding is just what is needed for grinding ceramics, cermets and hard metals without deep deformation. Aka-Piatto+ is a very favorably economic solution compared to the often very costly diamond grinding discs.


Plane surfaces shortens preparation time

Aka-Piatto is a diamond grinding disc. Diamonds are fixed in a resin binder, as the binder wears, new exposed diamonds maintain a constant removal rate¹.


Diamonds are so hard, that they cut through all materials with approximately the same cutting depth. Therefore the planeness is much better than grinding paper, and the next preparations are consequently faster. Using automated grinding, one can take advantage of using just two grinding steps. First an initial plane grinding step, f.ex. Aka-Piatto 80, followed by a fine grinding step on Aka-Piatto 1200, or Aka-Allegran.


¹ When grinding very hard materials, the wear of the binder is reduced, due to the reduced scratch depth. In such cases the surface must be dressed using a dressing stone, to introduce new sharp diamonds, and restore the grinding power of Aka-Piatto.

Aka Piatto
Aka Piatto Aka Piatto