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SmartTest 50 Semi automatic Tablet Testing System

Smart, Smarter, SmartTest

The SmartTest 50 is capable of testing virtually all tablet shapes and can easily be programmed to meet your individual testing requirements. Tablet samples are placed in a feeder carousel by the operator and all further testing is done automatically. The patented SmartAlign™ system guarantees reliable orientation of samples in the integrated measuring stations and automatically turns both oblong and oval shapes for width and length measuring prior to hardness testing.


Flexibility and Precision

Accommodating for most standard testing needs, up to 23 tablet samples are measured in one test run. If testing larger sample sizes is required, results from several test runs can be combined in a single test report – with the push of a button.Only the combination of quality components, state-of-the-art electronics and correct tablet orientation provides test results you can rely on. The SmartTest 50 with proven Dr. Schleuniger® Pharmatron measuring technology complies with all current USP and EP requirements and offers consistently accurate results. Tablet hardness is measured using a precision S-beam load cell with a linearity of 99.95% over the entire measuring range. Featuring innovative light-weight construction, the integrated thickness gauge is extremely precise and applies only minimal pressure on tested tablets. To ensure stable test conditions – particularly for the integrated balance – the SmartTest 50 can be equipped with an anti-static safety cover protecting all measuring stations.



Operating a semi-automatic tablet testing system has never been easier. The intuitive icon-based touch screen user interface sets new standards for fast and user-friendly control. Three test modes allow using the SmartTest 50 according to individual reporting requirements. From executing simple tests to programming products with T1/T2/PL limits and methods – everything is configurable using the touch screen menu. Intuitive icon-based navigation and logical menu structures with intelligent operator assistance provide for fast test setup, short training time and error-free data entry. Different views can be selected while test runs are executed, allowing the operator to display currently measured value, complete series of measurements and even graphical hardness curves.


All SmartTest 50 tablet testers can be connected with PC software for 21 CFR, Part 11 compliant electronic data management. Measured results and test reports are collected in a database and can be exported either as PDF or in Microsoft Excel® compatible format.


Professional reports are automatically printed at completion of a test run. For paperless reporting and central data management in full compliance with 21 CFR, Part 11 requirements, the SmartTest 50 can be networked with the q-doc PC software.

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