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MultiTest 50 Manual Tablet Hardness Tester

Precisely measure up to 5 parameters

Simple EasyTouch™ operation
Fast multi-parameter measurement
Robust design with minimal footprint
Proven Dr. Schleuniger® hardness measuring technology


100 % Precision
The MultiTest 50 sets new standards in precision and repeatability. Powerful state-of-the-art electronics, a precision S-beam load cell, and solid mechanical components provide for extremely accurate results. Samples are individually placed into the MultiTest 50 testing area.Practically any imaginable design, including oblong, diamond, hexagon, and other special shapes, can be reliably positioned and measured.


Simple tablet handling
The open and accessible test area allows for simple tablet orientation by the operator. To assist with the alignment of very convex shapes, the MultiTest 50 features grooved quick-change tongues that can be exchanged in a matter of seconds. No tools are required for such a change-over and the flexibility of the instrument to handle small tablets or special shapes is not limited in any way. In addition, clip-on jaws for 3-point bending strength tests along with other special applications are readily available to further extend the unit’s testing capabilities.


Fast, Faster, FastTest™
In “FastTest™” configuration, the MultiTest 50 is a multi-purpose instrument that accumulates measurements from an integrated thickness gauge and from an external analytical balance in a single test report. Instead of collecting data individually and having to deal with various reports, all results are automatically evaluated and documented.

Simply the fastest way to perform tests. The operator transfers tablets after weighing to a carousel mounted on top of the MultiTest 50. Once weight measurements have been acquired for a series of tablets, thickness is measured using the integrated precision gauge. With one hand turning the carousel and the other controlling the thickness gauge, accurate measurements for the entire series are taken in a very short time without compromising the order of test samples.


Width, diameter/length and hardness tests are executed afterwards by placing single tablets in the test area.To save time, operators can still take additional weight and thickness measurements while a hardness test is running. In automatic mode, individual measurements are started at programmable intervals. With a little practice, operators are able to perform tests with the MultiTest 50 FastTest™ as quickly as most automatic systems on the market.


EasyTouch™ - User-friendliness redefined
Operating a manual tablet tester has never been easier. The intuitive icon-based EasyTouch™ user interface sets new standards for fast and user-friendly control. Three different test modes allow using the MultiTest 50 according to individual requirements.


FullTest™ - Automatically evaluate test results
To start a test, the operator only needs to select a product name and push start. All measurements taken are then immediately evaluated using programmed product specifications. Printed test reports can be configured to automatically include all specifications.


EasyTest™ - Simply enter sample size
Starting a test doesn’t get any easier: enter the number of samples to be tested and push start. Parameters which are not needed are simply deactivated at the clickof a button – and in case of unequal sample sizes the respective number can be changed per parameter.


SingleTest™ - Quickly test a single tablet
Particularly useful during the setup of a tablet press orin R&D. Tests for a single tablet can be started without the need of programming.

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