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HT 100 Automatic Tablet Testing System

Precise measuring of up to 5 parameters, Equipped with patented AutoAlignment™ technology, AutoSeparator™ technology for vibration-free tablet separation, Measuring range of up to 500 or 1000 N and Fulfills USP <1217> on 3-point calibration & tablet orientation


10-chamber Feeder

The HT 100 automatically measures tablet weight, thickness, width, diameter or length and hardness for different products or batches (e.g. tablets, dragées, oblongs, effervescent tablets or similar drug delivery systems). The optional batch feeder has 10 chambers. Each chamber can hold 200 samples or more (dependent upon size and shape). Chambers may be filled with different batches of tablets or combined as one large single batch. The feeder cover serves two purposes, namely to load samples into the chamber and to protect the tablets against dust. The magazine is easily removable and easy to clean. The feeder moves clockwise and transports the samples into the AutoSeparator™.



The AutoSeparator™ separates all shapes and sizes of tablets without any manual user adjustments or special tools. Separation is achieved through a device based on soft rotation (instead of vibration). The AutoSeparator™ is removable and can be easily cleaned. A photoelectric sensor is positioned on the outside of the separator to detect each individual sample as it is deposited from the separator to the balance boat.


Balance Boat

The weight of each sample is determined using a balance boat designed to eliminate errors caused by build-up of tablet debris and dust. The tablet weight is measured with a high-speed and precise weight cell, which is positioned separately from the HT 100 housing. Equipped with two slides, the balance boat allows for checking only the weight of the sample or the weight and all other selected parameters (thickness, width, length, or hardness) before being collected in a container. The balance boat can be removed easily for cleaning.


4-station Transporter with AutoAlignment™ Technology

The 4-station transporter feeds the tablet clockwise from each test station. The AutoAlignment™ device (patented) on the hardness testing station instantaneously aligns the sample in the correct measurement position. It guarantees that all common forms are positioned correctly, thus preventing erroneous hardness measurements. The feed path and the test jaw are automatically cleaned of tablet debris by special brushes mounted on the transport head. Broken tablets are automatically swept away into a waste container.


Hardness Measuring Station

Equipped with the AutoAlignment™ device (patented), to position automatically and rapidly all common forms at exactly 90 degrees to the test jaw before testing. An automated cleaning device that protects the hardness station from tablet residues is included. The measuring plate is ball bearing supported for an easy adjustment and to ensure that it remains parallel to the test platform. The measurement principle of tablet hardness can be changed from “Constant Speed” (where the test jaw is moved at a constant speed adjustable from 10–200 mm/min.) or to “Constant Force” (where the test jaw increases force linearly adjustable from 10–100 N/sec). The jaw speed movement and the linear increase of force are adjustable. This feature is easily selected before each test and can be used to compare and reproduce results for all common hardness testers available on the market as well as an excellent research tool.


Documentation and Reporting

The q-doc prolab® Quality Documentation Software package for Windows XP / Windows 7 and 8, permitting the storage of methods and test results for weight, thickness, width, diameter or length and hardness. A modern and user-friendly interface allows ease of operation and a high level of data security. The software is fully 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP 4 compliant. The easy mode system allows users fast and simple software handling. High level security is guaranteed by a closed system with password and different assignable user rights. Periodic password change and user log-out after failed log-on is selectable. Complete audit trail of access, test, method and hardware change. The software is also available with LIMS capabilities and can be networked. The reported test results can be customized, printed out, stored in the database, validated and/or sent to a network secure location.

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