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DisiTest 50 Automatic Tablet Disintegration Tester

Automatic recording of tablet disintegration time, Fast and ergonomic handling, Modular system with up to 4 testing stations and Professional reporting including statistics


Temperature Control
Using state-of-the-art induction heating technology, the test medium quickly reaches the required temperature within 3-5 minutes reducing unproductive waiting times to a minimum. Because the heating process occurs directly inside the beaker rather than by applying heat from the outside, the DisiTest 50 ensures very precise and homogeneous temperature control.


Because the test medium temperature is permanently measured - also before starting a test - no manual check of nominal temperature is needed. Tests start automatically when the required temperature has been reached.


Advanced Detection Technology
The DisiTest 50 automatically detects and records:

  • Temperature of test medium
  • Individual tablet disintegration time
  • Beaker filling level
  • Test medium type (e.g. water/buffer or 0.1 N HCl)
  • Serial number of basket used


Easy Handling
From test setup to cleaning – the DisiTest 50 sets new standards for fast and ergonomic handling. Wireless baskets with self-centering magnetic coupling can be conveniently exchanged within seconds and cleaning has never been easier. To ensure a long product life, the robust baskets are sealed and protected against corrosion.

  • Wireless baskets without any cables
  • Self-centering magnetic coupling
  • Robust basket design, protected against corrosion
  • Quick-change tubes for fast industrial cleaning


User-friendly Touch Screen Operation
The DisiTest 50 is controlled via an intuitive and clearly structured color touch screen. Additional PC software is not required. Once a test has been started, the current disintegration status of each tablet is displayed graphically. Different testing modes guarantee fast test setup with programmed products and/or methods including T1/T2 limits – or alternatively allow performing direct tests without any programming. Different access levels ensure that data can be modified only by authorized personnel.

  • Graphical display of disintegration status per tube
  • Temperature and time
  • Basket type
  • Beaker detection
  • Pre-testing procedure possible
  • Programming of up to 100 products/methods
  • Integrated calibration & verification functions
  • Direct printing of statistical reports

Upon completion of a test, a report with measured results, statistics and temperature protocol is automatically printed.


Modular system
The DisiTest 50 can be extended to a fully automatic disintegration testing system with up to 4 independent stations - all controlled via the touch screen of the Master station. Because individual testing stations are connected using TCP/IP technology, system layout is flexible and retrofitting additional stations is possible anytime.


To completely eliminate waiting times, use the optional MediaPrep station to pre-heat test media for maximum efficiency. Particularly useful when pre-testing is required.

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