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Metex is a PC measurement software package designed to work with Inspex HD 1080p. With the included USB 3.0 interface you can view live video & use our measurement on your PC. Metex comes in two versions:

  • Metex: View Live Video, Measurement & Annotation, Save Images & Videos etc.
  • Metex Plus: View Live Video, Measurement & Annotation, Save Images & Videos etc. Control Inspex parameters from Metex and recall calibrated magnification levels.



  • Metex Includes Many Patented Measuring Functions:

Ruler, Ellipse, Protractor, Three Point Circle, Circle Center Distance, Point to Line Distance. Measurement can be done on still images or live camera image. Add text for labeling and recording purposes. Recall calibrated magnification levels and control Inspex parameters such as brightness, focus, zoom and exposure. (Metex Plus only)


  • Reporting

Measurement results and images can be easily exported to Excel, CSV or PDF file formats for documentation purposes.


  • Interface

Metex has a modern and intuitive user interface. Functionality has been grouped logically and the program is easy to use.


  • Multiple Languages

Metex comes with multiple language options. Language can be switched at any time, no need for downloading and installation of extra files.

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