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Inspex HD 1080p Digital Microscope

Accurate & detailed inspection with dynamic range of magnification levels and integrated LED illumination. Its versatile design makes it compatible with a wide range of mounting options. Real-time on-screen dimensioning is provided by integrated XY grids and cursors.


The Inspex HD 1080p is suited for repair & rework, quality control & failure diagnosis processes in a wide range of  industries such as: Medical Device Manufacturing, Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Engineering, Forensics and Watch and Jewellery manufacturing. Less operator fatigue & improved production efficiencies due to ergonomic design enabling user to sit or stand in a comfortable and safe posture providing relief from back, neck and eye strain typically associated with traditional microscopes.



  • On Screen Dimensioning

Integrated, real time, on screen patented measuring grids and cursors provide a simple and effective way to measure without a PC.

  • Image Capture

Removable USB Storage Image Capture. Easy documentation & traceability for accurate quality control records using image capture to USB key. Now you can store images directly to your USB Storage Device. Simply plug your device into the Inspex HD 1080p USB port.

  • White Balance

White Balance refers to the process of making sure whites appear as white in your images. This will help eliminate colour casts that come from various light sources such as the sun, incandescent bulbs and florescent bulbs.

  • Wide Dynamic Range

Wide Dynamic Range uses overlapping multiple exposures depending on the saturation level of each pixel.

  • KP1 External Keypad

Designed for use with the full Inspex range. The optional KP1 Keypad unlocks integrated real-time on-screen XY dimensioning grids and cursors. It also allows access to a variety of additional functions including 3 Memory Presets, Exposure ,Gain and Manual Focus control

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