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Unmatched SPECT performance

  • Spatial Resolution: Proven best in vivo SPECT resolution in the market: <0.25 mm. Enables quantifying dynamic processes in tiny sub-compartments of mouse organs and tumors in vivo.

  • 150 μm resolution: 3D Autorad option.

  • Temporal Resolution: Proven best SPECT total body and organ time resolution (8 s and 0.1 s respectively). Perfect for assessing fast pharmacokinetics.

  • Sensitivity: Proven best sensitivity allows for <0.25 MBq (~7 μCi) total body SPECT and fast screening of tracers.

  • Reliability: Patented robust stationary SPECT detector design ensures unprecedented reliability, virtually no down time and very long system life.

  • Energy Range: 20-1000 keV for single and multitracer SPECT (requires VECTor upgrade).

  • Quantitation: Unrivalled accuracy due to advanced correction methods for scatter, attenuation and partial volume effects.


Integrate any other modality

PET, Optical and CT

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