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E CLASS Entry Level Systems

E-CLASS: Powerful economical preclinical imaging
Fulfilling our commitment to providing preclinical imaging systems of unmatched performance even when budgets are tight, MILabs has introduced the E-Class line of entry-level tomographic imaging products. 


PET: Yields 0.75 mm 18F and 124I resolution*, offers best image contrast ratio, provides static and dynamic PET, multi-isotope PET, and simultaneous PET/SPECT*

SPECT: Impressive sub-0.5 mm resolution, superb sensitivity and static dynamic SPECT, 3D autoradiography* and α & β radiotherapy*

CT: Unsurpassed 30µm voxel resolution, 5 sec whole-body mouse, dual-gated acquisitions*, dual-energy* and DCE-CT*

*denotes options


The E-Class imagers were specifically designed for ambitious researchers to start their research with a lower cost system now while maintaining an easy upgrade path to the U-Series systems when research needs grow.


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