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Cupping Test Model 100

The Sheet Metal Testing Machine, Model 100, is a bench mounted unit with a cast iron machine body and a cylindrical test head. To conduct the cupping test the sheet metal specimen or foil is entered into an opening through the test head. The test head is then tightened manually against a stop on the locating sleeve. This clamps the blank with a force of 10 kN as required by the cupping test standards mentioned above.


The Sheet Metal Testing Machine, Model 100, provides a means to measure the drawing quality of sheet metal with very little effort. By establishing the quality of material which is still just satisfactory for producing a particular drawn work-piece the lowest cost material suitable for the part can be established. The standardised ERICHSEN Cupping Test is in this way useful for the Purchasing Department, as part of an order specification. The surface grain size is shown up clearly on the tip of the bulge produced in the Cupping Test No special skills are required to operate the machine. Anybody can use it after instruction.

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