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Charpy and Izod Notching Equipment


Fixed & Variable Speed Motorized Notch Cutting Machine.


This machine will cut Charpy V, Charpy U and Izod V notches, in both 10mm square and 0.45" diameter specimens, in materials up to a hardness of 42 Rockwell C.


It is a free-standing unit of simple, robust construction requiring only a single phase electrical supply for its operation. The cutting of notches is achieved by means of a specially designed Multi-Toothed Broach which is drawn across the specimen at the touch of a button.


A simple Hand Vice for holding the specimen is built onto the machine top-plate and is complete with the adjusters and end stops necessary to ensure that the notch depth and position are correctly set. Attachments are available to facilitate Izod multiple V notching in both 10mm square and 0.45" diameter specimens. An operational floor-to-floor time of 40 seconds can be achieved on the fixed speed machine. The notches produced will meet most international standards.


Blacks Hand Operated Charpy & Izod Notch Cutting Machine


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