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Automated Charpy Specimen Preparation Equipment


For Manufacture of Charpy & Izod Specimen Samples


Benefits of BLACKS Charpy Specimen Machines:

  • In conjunction with Blacks Charpy Notch Broaching Machines, this equipment enables Test Houses/Laboratories to manufacture their own 10mm square or sub size Charpy and IZOD samples, without having to rely on functions outside their own control, such as machine shops.

  • The machine will accept rough cut samples and produce finished specimens complying with all international standards of surface finish and dimensional tolerance.

  • Push button operation, with no setting up requirements, enables the machine to be operated by laboratory personnel.

  • The machine is sold as a compact bench-top model or can be fitted onto a customer’s own frame.

  • Four 10mm samples can be produced in 20 minutes.


This machine will produce 10mm square Charpy specimens from rough cut samples of up to16mm square or up to 18mm diameter bar. It is designed to enable laboratory personnel to produce their own Charpy samples instead of waiting for machine stop time. The machine uses a 5 blade cutter with easily replaceable ISO inserts, without any cutting lubricants.


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