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C330 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System

C330 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Test System, is designed and manufactured based on electrolytic sensor method and conforms to the requirements of ISO 15106-3. This instrument can be used to measure the water vapor transmission rate of barrier materials with high, medium and lower moisture barrier properties with a wide testing range and high testing efficiency. The instrument is featured with patented design of integrated block consisting of 3 test cells.


Equipped with high precision sensors and professional computer-controlled system, the instrument can regulate and control the temperature, humidity and flow rate properly, which guarantee the testing sensitivity and repeatability of test results. C330 is applicable to determination of water vapor permeability of plastic films, sheeting, paper, packages and other relative packaging materials in food, pharmaceutical, medical apparatus, daily chemical, photovoltaic and electronic industries, etc.


Test Principle
The test specimen is mounted in the diffusion cell, which is subsequently divided into a dry chamber and a controlled-humidity chamber. The dry side of the specimen is swept by a flow of dry nitrogen, and the water vapor permeating through the specimen from the controlled-humidity chamber is carried by dry nitrogen to the electrolytic sensor where proportion electrical signals will be generated. The water vapor transmission rate is obtained by analyzing and calculating the electrical signals. For package specimen, the dry nitrogen flow inside the specimen while the outside of specimen is in high humidity environment.


Test Standards
This test instrument conforms to the following standards:
ISO 15106-3, GB/T 21529, YBB 00092003-2015

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