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C640 Thickness Tester

C640 Thickness Tester is a high precision mechanical contact method thickness tester, which can be used for thickness measurement of films, sheeting, paper, corrugated paperboard, textiles, non-woven fabrics, and solid insulation materials, etc.


Test Principle
The pre-conditioned specimen is placed on a flat test plane, the pressure foot which is paralleled to the test plane will drop down on the upper surface of the specimen with certain pressure applied on. The displacement sensor with the pressure foot will detect the space between the upper and lower surface of the specimen, which is the thickness of the specimen.


Test Standards
ISO 4593, ISO 534, ASTM D6988, ASTM F2251, GB/T 6672, GB/T 451.3, TAPPI T411, BS 2782-6, DIN 53370, ISO 3034, ISO 9073-2, ISO 12625-3, ISO 5084, ASTM D374, ASTM D1777, ASTM D3652, GB/T 6547, GB/T 24218.2, FEFCO No 3, EN 1942, JIS K6250, JIS K6783, JIS Z1702

Note: The described test standards should be in line with Table 1: Test Parameters.


With innovative research and development, Labthink C640 Thickness Tester uses high precision displacement sensor, supported by scientific structure and professional control technology, which makes C640 greatly improved in stability, repeatabilityNote1 and accuracy.

  • The instrument conforms to standards for mechanical contact method. The pressure foot can be lifted and lowered automatically, which can minimize the errors caused by human operation.

  • Contacting time and test speed can be set as required. Customization is available for multiple contact areas and pressures, which can meet the requirements for various test conditions.

  • Manual and automatic test modes can be selected by the users

  • Calibration of multiple points can improve the linearity of the whole test range, which ensures the accuracy of measured results.

  • Standard gauge block is available for fast calibration


High Efficiency
The instrument is featured with high efficiency and automatic design of structure, which minimize the human operation in measuring process. Intelligent controlling and data processing functions make it easy and reliable for test operation and data processing.

  • Parameter program function enables the user to save all test parameters in a file so that those parameters can be applied directly for the same tests next time, which can help the user save time and minimize the error when inputting parameters manually.

  • Test results include maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard variation, which can be displayed to the user directly.

  • Result comparison function can help the user in evaluation of results.

  • Auto sampling function (optional), feeding space, feeding speed, measure points can be set as required, which ensures the accuracy of multiple successive points measurement.

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