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NLW 20 Adhesive Tensile and Shear Tester

NLW-20 Adhesive Tensile & Shear Tester is professionally applicable to the determination of tensile, shearing, and pulling properties of various adhesives.


This instrument conforms to various national standards as follows:
ISO 4587, GB/T 6329, GB 7124, GB/T 6328, ASTM D1002, ASTM D2095, ASTM D3165, ASTM D2339, JIS K6850, JIS K6849, HG4-852-854 

  • The system is controlled by micro-computer, with digital display screen, and PVC operation panel, which is convenient for customers to view test data

  • Exports test data in standard units and supports statistical analysis of group specimens

  • Continuous variable speed regulating meets the requirements of different test conditions

  • Equipped with micro-printer and standard RS232 port for convenient data transfer

  • Supports LystemTM Lab Data Sharing System for uniform and systematic management of test results and test reports

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