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Peel Resistance Tester


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Peel Resistance Tester

Peel resistance is the ability of a material to resist forces that can pull it apart by separating one surface from the other. It is extensively used to evaluatethe adhesion strength of films, sheeting, aluminum foils and many other materials.
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Tensile strength is the maximum stress that a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before failing or breaking. It is an important mechanical property of packaging materials. Labthink tensile strength testers are designed for the determination of tensile strength, peel strength, tear resistance of films, sheeting, aluminum foils, etc.


Capacity Options

  • 10 kN (2,200 lbf) - i-Strentek 1510 Universal Testing Machine
  • 1 kN (220 lbf) - MEGA 1500 Tensile Testing Machine
  • 500 N (110 lbf) - XLW-Series / Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine
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Tensile Strength Tester

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