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SBG 80 D65 A Standard Light Source

SBG-80 D65/A is equipped with double light source and consists of ultra color-rendering D6500 light tube, A light source tungsten lamp and precisely designed downlight system. This instrument strictly conforms to the relevant color evaluation and comparison conditions of CIE and CY3-91 requirements. It is designed for the all-day color evaluation and comparison of industries about printing, paint, ink, plastic, dyeing and finishing, etc.


Coloring comparison usually occurs under sunlight in daily life, whereas industrial color comparison requires the light source with equivalent spectra distribution of sunlight, which is defined as D65 standard light source by International Commission of Illumination (CIE). However, metamerism effect always occurs when matching color. It makes the same specimen show different colors in different light source, which will lead to a great deal of loss. Application of “A” light source will effectively avoid such unfavorable effect.


  • Double light source of CIE D65 and A

  • Stable light spectrum and accurate color rendering

  • Standard and even illumination

  • Unique metamerism function

  • Equipped with automatic timer to show the instrument running conditions

  • 2 installation modes of hanging and wall-hanging for users' choice



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