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i Thermotek 2400 Heat Seal and Hot Tack Tester

i-Thermotek 2400 Heat Seal & Hot Tack Tester can be used for heat seal test, hot tack test and heat seal strength test, which is applicable for determination of heat seal and hot tack properties as well as heat seal strength of the substrate materials of plastic film, flexible composite film, coated paper or other composite films.


Heat Seal Test: The compressed air is introduced into the gas cylinder with certain pressure. The embedded system can control the switching of the solenoid valve. The direction of the pressure applied will be changed so that the sealing jaws can move upward and downward. The packaging materials can be sealed at certain sealing pressure and sealing temperature within the dwell time.

Hot Tack Test: Clamp the two ends of the specimen in left sample grips and right sample grips (with load cell) respectively. Then pull the specimen to the hot tack test area. After the hot tack test, the driving mechanism will pull the left and right sample grips in opposite directions and the load cell can detect the electric signal and then the hot tack strength, peel strength and tensile strength can be analyzed or calculated.

Heat Seal Strength: Clamp one end of the specimen in right sample grips and the other end in the clamping seat. The driving mechanism will pull the right sample grips so that it will move in the opposite direction of the clamping seat. The load cell can detect the electric signal and then the heat seal strength can be calculated.


This instrument conforms to multiple standards i.e. ASTM F1921, ASTM F2029Note3, ASTM F88Note4, QB/T2358 (ZBY 28004) and YBB 00122003.


Note 3: The three upper sealing jaws are heated sealing jaws as required by ASTM F2029. If necessary, the lower sealing jaw can be replaced with heated sealing jaw.
Note 4: Technique A: Unsupported Method.

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