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Headspace Gas Analysis


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Headspace Gas Analysis

Headspace gas analysis can be critical in determining shelf life of products packed by MAP technique. Generally, it means the determination of volume and proportion of residual gases in packages, such as O2, CO2, N2, etc.
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i-Process 6910 Headspace Gas Test and Data Processing System can provide accurate evaluation for the volume and proportion of O2 and CO2 in sealed packages to guide production and ensure shelf life.


Technical Specifications



Testable Gases

O2, CO2

O2 Test Range

0 ~ 100%

O2 Test Accuracy

0 ~ 2%: ±0.3%
2% ~ 100%: ±0.5%

O2 Sensor

Service Life

>6 years

CO2 Test Range

0 ~ 100%

CO2 Sensor

Service Life

>15 years

Sampling Volume

≥12 mL (Standard

Atmospheric Pressure)

Instrument Dimension

600 mm (L) x 450 mm

(W) x 600 mm (H)

Power Supply

220VAC 50Hz

Net Weight

25 kg


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