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Coefficient of Friction Tester COF Tester


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Coefficient of Friction Tester COF Tester

Friction tester is a kind of testing equipment which is used to measure coefficient of friction (COF) for materials. Basically, there are two kinds of coefficients: static coefficient of friction and kinetic coefficient of friction. Coefficient of friction testing is widely valued for its important role in the processes of production, transportation and marketing.


Coefficient of Friction tester conforms to the multiple national and international standards:

  • ASTM D1894 - Standard Test Method for Static and Kinetic Coefficients of Friction of Plastic Film and Sheeting
  • ASTM D202 - Standard Test Methods for Sampling and Testing Untreated Paper Used for Electrical Insulation
  • ASTM D4918 - Standard Test Method for Coefficient of Static Friction of Uncoated Writing and Printing Paper by Use of the Inclined Plane Method (Withdrawn 2010)
  • ISO 8295 - Plastics -- Film and sheeting -- Determination of the coefficients of friction
  • TAPPI T815 - Coefficient of static friction (slide angle) of packaging and packaging materials (including shipping sack papers, corrugated and solid fiberboard) (inclined plane method)
  • TAPPI T816 - Coefficient of Static Friction of Corrugated and Solid Fiberboard (Horizontal Plane Method).
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MXD-02 Coefficient of Friction Tester is designed for static and kinetic coefficient of friction tests of plastic films, sheets, rubber, paper, PP woven bags, fabric style, metal-plastic composite strips/belts for communication cable, conveyor belts, wood, coatings, brake pads, windshield wipers, shoe materials and tires.


With the material smoothness testing, users can control and adjust material quality technical indexes to meet application demands. Besides, this tester is applicable to the smoothness measurement of cosmetics, eye drop and other daily chemistry.


Technical Specification



Capacity Range

0 ~ 5 N

Load Measurement


±0.5% of reading from 10% to 100% of the load

cell capacity


70 mm, 150 mm

Mass of Sled

Sled of specific weight could be customized

Test Speed

100 mm/min, 150 mm/min

Test speed could be adjusted

Power Supply

220VAC 50Hz / 120VAC 60Hz

Instrument Dimension

630 mm (L) x 360 mm (W) x 230 mm (H)

Net Weight

33 kg


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