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Air Permeability Tester


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Air Permeability Tester

Air Permeability is the resistance of fabrics (woven, knitted and non woven textile materials) to the passage of air under constant preset air pressure. Air permeability is an important property of some textile materials. The air permeability is mainly dependent upon fabric's weight and construction (thickness and porosity).


Air permeability tester TQD-G1 conforms to the multiple national and international standards:

  • ISO 9237 - Textiles -- Determination of the permeability of fabrics to air
  • ISO 4638 - Polymeric materials, cellular flexible -- Determination of air flow permeability
  • ISO 5636 - Paper and board -- Determination of air permeance and air resistance (Part 5: Gurley method)
  • ASTM D737 - Standard Test Method for Air Permeability of Textile Fabrics
  • TAPPI T460 - Air Resistance of Paper (Gurley Method)
Air Permeability Tester Air Permeability Tester