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MTS Introduces New Video Extensometer

The MTS Advantage Video Extensometer provides flexible, accurate and repeatable non-contact strain measurement. The AVX recognizes patterns on specimen to acquire measurement data that is then processed by MTS TestSuite™ TW Software to calculate specimen strain and modulus. This ergonomic extensometer features a magnetic-return support arm for precise, repeatable measurements and calibration verification blocks to help ensure data accuracy. In addition, the AVX is compatible with most chambers and test area enclosures, Therefore, it is ideal for a variety of testing environments.

Sixteen quick-attach measurement heads with predefined gage lengths can be effortlessly interchanged to support a wide array of gage lengths and strain ranges. The specially designed optics in the XT-200 series allows these measurement heads to be used to determine Young’s modulus, Poisson’s ratio, and select R-Value. For strains greater than 10% or to measure high elongation materials, the general purpose measurement heads are preferred.

An optional digital image correlation (DIC) package creates high-resolution, full-field maps that are overlaid on the original video files. Results are easy to interpret, and it is possible to toggle between measurement options without reprocessing a test.

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