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MB SPS 800 Auto

The MB-SPS-800-AUTO is the automatic solvent dispensing system designed specifically for industrial laboratories that need a safe, fast and easy method for dispensing ultra pure solvents with a touch of a button. Unique features include glovebox integration ready piping, integrated solvent vapor hood with 4 inch ventilation exhaust port, double column filtration, 17 liter solvent reservoirs, color coded piping, Siemens PLC touch screen controller and independent regulators for each solvent line.


The MB SPS-800 Auto offers unlimited customization options through a fully staffed engineering department that can custom fit your solvent purifier system directly into an existing fume hood.


In addition MBRAUN SPS systems can integrate seamlessly with third party solvent providers such as Sigma Aldrich®, FisherPaks® and JT Baker®. All Solvent purification systems can be designed and configured to meet your specific application needs.

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