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MB N2 Purge Convection Oven

The MB-N2-Purge inert gas convection oven represents the optimal solution for heat-treatment processes in moisture sensitive applications as it provides precise thermal conditions in a particle-free inertgas atmosphere. Unlike vacuum ovens, this oven type uses the physical principle of forced convection for the heat transfer between the carrier gas and the product.


Convection ovens prove to be more effective in reaching maximum temperature uniformity by the shortest process time cycles as they allow the possibility to circulate masses (inert gas) inside the oven and keeping the product continuously at defined temperatures.


The convection oven has been designed to serve two distinct functions – removal of absorbed moisture from rigid surfaces as well as curing of moisture sensitive layers under controlled environments. A proprietary double-wall design allows reaching excellent temperature uniformities for improved moisture/solvent removal as well as efficient cooling of the oven body after the heating cycle in order to achieve short total process times.


During the process, pre-heated purge gas (nitrogen or argon) is flushed through the oven. This leads to efficient curing of the product as vaporized moisture/solvent is continuously withdrawn. After the heating process, the oven atmosphere has an oxygen, moisture and solvent concentration in the lower ppm-range.

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