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The MBRAUN MB-HPL-200/400 Vacuum Hotplate has been designed to meet the demands of today's solution based high performance OLED/PLED materials. The main purpose is to cure sensitive organic layers under defined process conditions. Application ranges from basic research up to sophisticated manufacturing processes.


With a Focus on exceptional temperature uniformity, temperature accuracy and process repeatability the temperature for this unit can range up to 200°C. All commonly available organic materials have been cured successfully utilizing MBRAUN's proprietary soft bake function. With this feature common curing problems like "temperature shock" and "substrate warping" are overcome ensuring uniform and repeatable results even in batch manufacturing.


The combination of vacuum and heat transfer allows curing at modest conditions, addressing the sensitivity of organic materials to elevated temperatures. In addition significantly shorter curing times can be achieved when overall cycle time becomes important. Having three different bake modes incorporated (ambient bake, vacuum bake, under pressure purge bake) a high level of flexibility to define the optimal curing conditions is given.


The MB-HPL-200 and MB-HPL-400 is available as a bench top (stand-alone) system and as a fully glovebox integrated process tool. Both setups feature a black anodized, vacuum type process chamber to minimize reflections and can accommodate samples up to 200 x 200 mm.

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