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Weighing and distribution isolators

These isolators are available as standard and customized systems. Standard systems are used in analytical and quality control applications, for level weighing, distribution, and dilution or dissolving. Customized systems, on the other hand, are for production level weighing and distribution.


The weighing and distribution/dilution setups can be single- or multi-chamber designs that integrate mixers, mills, powder transfer systems and other equipment inside the atmosphere.


For weighing isolators, the focus is on support for the scale and on air handling during the weighing process. Electrostatic effects have a major influence on the design and materials used.

Challenge areas to watch with weighing and distribution isolators:

  • Weighing stability (optimizing scale support and air handling)

  • Electrostatic influences

  • Optimizing available work space around a built-in scale

  • Transfer of data outside of the isolator

  • Transfer of materials to and from the isolator

  • Cleaning

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