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Single Pass Aseptic Isolators

Traditional aseptic isolators suffer from several design shortcomings. Double-skinned rear walls make them expensive to manufacture. They're also difficult to decontaminate and require long aeration times after decontamination. Plus, installing safe-change outlet filters can be difficult.


MBRAUN has addressed these shortcomings in a single-pass aseptic isolator system. Single-pass design eliminates the need for double-skinned walls for return airflow.


The working area of these isolators allows direct connection of inlet and outlet filters, minimizing contamination and simplifying validation. Aeration times are quicker because of the units' low volume and 100% air exchange. Safe-change filters are standard.


MBRAUN single-pass aseptic isolator features:

  • Operate at +200 pascals

  • Unidirectional flow of 0.20 to 0.45 meter per second

  • Uniform down-flow via compressed gas diffuser

  • Tolerant of hydrogen-peroxide steam decontamination

  • Hinged window

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