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Sampling Isolator

Sampling isolators, because of their great variety, are typically customized systems. Some are single-glove systems, for example. And due to the nature of their sampling work, they need the ability to connect to most types of sampling ports on a wide range of equipment.


With sampling isolators, ergonomics are generally a secondary concern because the systems are used for short-duration work.

Challenge areas to watch with sampling isolators:

  • Isolator/equipment interface (the isolator often must be fitted to existing equipment in demanding environments)

  • Small dimensions of sampling ports complicate connections

  • Limited space available around the sampling port

  • Environmental conditions (e.g., explosion-proof areas, heat, pressure differences)

  • Operator safety around process equipment (e.g., heat, vapors)

  • Transfer of samples outside the isolator

  • Requirement for sampling process tools

  • Cleaning

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