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Research and Development Isolator

Isolators for research and development applications often involve a combination of isolator types. For example, a weighing and distribution isolator might be combined with a small volume synthesis isolator. Isolators in R&D labs are also often used as movable cleanrooms.


Design flexibility is vital for them to accommodate multiple process tasks and provide fast application changes. In addition, R&D isolators can be combined with other process equipment, such as freeze dryers and vacuum ovens.

One example of design flexibility is the use of built-in rail systems for the movement of process equipment such as scales and mixers while minimizing space requirements. Another example is development of a system that simplifies isolator cleaning and wash-down for speedy product change-overs.


Challenge areas to watch with R&D isolators:

  • Connection of external equipment

  • Accommodation for upgrades and mechanical changes

  • Flexible feed-throughs for gases and liquids

  • Cleaning systems

At MBRUN, we follow international and regulatory norms from our first contact with you to final product, including qualification and validation. We produce isolators that achieve an Operator Exposure Level of 5 nanograms per cubic meter over 8 hours.

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