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ISO Pro Advanced

If you're in search of a well equipped and cost effective isolator with an end user protection of OEL <1.0µg/m3/8h then the ISO-Pro Advanced is the perfect choice. This standalone workstation is of stainless steel construction with a single piece welded box body with radius ball corners that minimize any unwanted cracks or crevices where your active product can hide. Offered with 2 or 4 gloves this system could be an ideal off-the-shelf solution for your containment needs.


The system includes H13 HEPA inlet and 2 x H14 push-push outlet filters (safe change) together with an air-handling unit (AHU) that incorporates a frequency controlled built in blower system, which provides a constant negative operating pressure of -300Pa. During normal operation the AHU will constantly adjust the speed of the blower in order to balance out any pressure fluctuations and therefore maintain the set negative pressure point.


More importantly in the event of a glove breach the AHU will speed up to maximum in order to protect the user by providing a >0.7m/sec flow of air into the isolator through a single open gloveport. There is also a transfer chamber included which utilizes the AHU and a further HEPA filter in order to provide a defined air stream in the direction of the isolator during use.

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