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Discharge Isolator

You'll find discharge isolators in various kinds of equipment, including dryers, vacuum ovens, freeze dryers, tanks, reactors—even the trucks hauling powders and liquids. These isolators are well equipped for processes that use highly active or sensitive materials because of their flexibility and potential for multi-purpose use.


Discharge isolators are generally customized systems. In most cases, they're equipped with automatic or semi-automatic docking stations or automatic valves. These devices, however, become a limiting factor in terms of operator exposure: most automatic systems are specified at more than 1 microgram per cubic meter over 8 hours.


Challenge areas to watch with discharge isolators:

  • Isolator interface with process equipment

  • Automatic docking systems

  • Aseptic transfer systems

  • Environmental conditions (e.g., explosion-proof areas, heat, pressure differences)

  • Operator safety with process equipment (e.g., heat, moving parts, vapors)

  • Ergonomics

  • Cleaning

At MBRAUN, we follow international and regulatory norms from our first contact with you to final product, including qualification and validation.

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