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Tritium Retention Systems TRS

Since 1976 MBRAUN has been designing, manufacturing, and installing gloveboxes and gas purification systems for its customers all over the world. In addition to this experience and expertise, MBRAUN also offers a full line of Tritium Retention Systems not only for its own gloveboxes, but also for those customers that may have existing glovebox systems that contain tritiated chemical elements.


Tritium Retention Systems (TRS) convert tritiated chemical species (principally elemental, oxide and hydrocarbon) in the process stream to the oxide form (HTO) and remove the tritiated water by adsorption on molecular sieve beds. The processed gas stream is then returned to the glovebox environment or released to an exhaust duct. When the molecular sieve beds reach their maximal loading they can be safely disconnected from the system and stored.


On-line instruments in the TRS continuously measure tritium concentrations in the inlet and outlet gas streams, gas flow rates and pressures, and component temperatures throughout the system.

The Tritium Management System is comprised of the following main parts:

  • Tritium Oxidizing System (catalytic oxidizing beds)

  • Molecular Sieve Beds

  • Blower for Gas Circulation

  • Control Interface and Data Logging

  • Optional Containment System (ventilated glovebox or hood)


Whether it is Oxygen, Moisture, Nitrogen, Tritium, or other contaminates that give you problems, give MBRAUN a call. We have the solution. It is with our past experience with facilities such as the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL), Savannah River (SRS), The Tritium Lab-Karlsruhe (TLK), and others that MBRAUN is able to offer a total solution.


As each application with Tritium or tritiated water is a special application with certain requirements regarding inlet concentration, turn over and fault reaction, each request will be handled by our technical staff and MBRAUN will present a solution based on these requirements.

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