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MB 600 G

MBRAUN's MB-600-G is a powerful gas purification system that has been specifically designed for industrial applications. It includes four increased capacity redundant regenerable filter columns for maintaining ultra-low levels of oxygen and moisture in inert enclosures up to 24 m³ in volume.


The MB-600-G is provided with a more robust circulation blower and vacuum pump to ensure consistent performance under the most rigorous conditions. The MB-600-G is also provided with a more comprehensive Siemens touch panel display and PLC control system in order to provide a great amount of flexibility for custom integrations.


The combination of both, MB-600-G and MBRAUN's proprietary oxygen and moisture analyzers allow for an accurate and consistent monitoring of the working atmosphere with nearly maintenance free operation.


Combined with MBRAUN's experience and worldwide reputation as the highest quality glovebox and gas purifier manufacturer, the MB-600-G's large adsorption capacity, proven reliability and superior performance make this model a great choice for your new glovebox project or existing upgrade requirements.

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