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MB 200 G

MBRAUN's MB-200-G gas purifier has been specifically designed for both university and industrial applications. It includes increased capacity redundant regenerable filter columns for maintaining ultra-low levels of oxygen and moisture in inert enclosures. Other features of the MB-200-G include a powerful Siemens control unit, a multi-color touch panel, vacuum pump, frequency controlled blower and an open platform so that the purifier can be easily retrofitted with additional upgrades when it becomes necessary.


Available upgrades can include integrated chillers which help keep the temperature inside the connected inert enclosure at comfortable levels. Built on MBRAUN's high quality standards all subcomponents of the MB-200-G are made of stainless steel and are manufactured from distinguished suppliers.


As a special feature the MB-200-G can also be equipped with a nitrogen removal unit which becomes necessary when the working environment consists entirely of argon or helium gas. Certain metals tend to react with nitrogen at elevated temperatures so even traces of nitrogen have to be removed from the working environment. The MB-200-G-N utilizes a heated titanium sponge to adsorb present nitrogen in the environment.


The combination of both, MB-200-G and MBRAUN's proprietary oxygen and moisture analyzers allow for an accurate and consistent monitoring of the working atmosphere with nearly maintenance free operation.

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