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MB PA 60 Ti

The MB-PA-60 Ti Clean Jet is equipped with a single filter column. The gas flow through the filter is controlled by means of electro-pneumatic valves and a blower unit.

During standard operation (Clean-Jet is ON) the gas of the box is lead through the main filter and a safety filter. Afterwards the purified gas streams through the blower and the heat exchanger and is reverted to the box.


By this way the system provides the classical function of a particle absorber under inert gas conditions. The filter casing and the particle container can be dismounted without exposing the filters or the lines to ambient air. This is achieved by twofold arranged valves, respectively mounted at the inlet and the outlet of the component.


The housing of the main filter and the safety filter as well as the particle container are equipped with connections for vacuum and an overpressure-safety valve. For filter changing or for cleaning the particle container the appropriate column is detached from the system.

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